Customs Associates


Importing and exporting

If you are proposing to or already import goods into the EU, then there are a number of areas where Customs Associates may well be able to help you.


Customs law is the same throughout all 28 Member States of the EU. Customs duties are the income of the European Commission, not individual exchequers, and the legislation is directly applicable from Brussels. However, practice does change from one Member State to another.


If you are importing or exporting goods from the UK to a destination outside the EU, then there are both opportunities and obstacles.


As an importer, you must pay, or arrange for payment, of customs charges as determined by correct application of the legislation. You may be able to take advantage of import relief schemes and use special procedures to reduce your import costs. As an exporter, you must negotiate customs barriers when goods leave the country and your customer must negotiate with his customs authority at import. In addition, you may wish to reclaim any duty you have paid on imported goods used to manufacture your exports; and you will want to make sure that your customer does not pay more duty than necessary at import at the other end.


At the same time, you must make sure that you comply with all the legal formalities.


We can help you.